Apathy Deficiency Reconsidered

The CIA, it turns out, vastly overstated Soviet strength, which contributed to public support of US military expenditures in the low 12 figures, with the lowered classes foregoing luxuries such as multiwalled dwellings and post-nursery education. Don’t worry, be hungry.

Companies love misery.

In the 80s, the top one percent doubled their income, while the poor saw their income fall ten percent.  Would you like to do something about that? Well unfortunately for you, class struggle is officially out of style, at least for you.

Unfortunately, the raging Apathy Deficiency combined with the Peace Scare has caused people to focus on, well, me. But we have to keep our world, you know, our world. So try to develop some apathy about peace. Take a chill pill.

I’ve traveled a lot—I’ve been in all four countries, and let me tell you, they want what we’ve got here in America. But then again, we want what they’ve got, so fair’s fair.

Star Wars

We have to stop small non-white nations from targeting the US with their one missile.  I know, I know, it’s more likely that a terrorist will carry the bomb in a suitcase.  Well here’s Most of my statements can stand on their own two faces, but sometimes you have to just stand up and kick the facts in balls.the good news: You think the Hubble is for finding new old galaxies? We can now spot that suitcase from space!  Therefore we’ll be keeping a close watch on suspected terrorist organizations, students linked to terrorist organizations, and significant others of students with possible links to organizations that are now or may have ever been sympathetic to the philosophical goals of those associated with suspected terrorist organizations, as well as, of course, anyone with an accent.

What did Bill and Hill know, and when did they know it?  What’s most important, however, is when they first did not want to know these things, and whether they had a constitutional right not to know them.

There’s a new test  being run by the PC police, PC check. It catches pre-multicultural word usage and criticizes the user in front of the class


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