Campaign: Will the White House remain White?

Bush brought you clear skies, healthy forests, and versatile oceans. We have democracy and justice, except for New Orleans., women, people that are stuck on the bill of rights, and voters. There are a lot fewer mega-media corporations telling you what to think. Down to five, I think.  And just because we have a permanent underclass that drags down wages for the others, well, we’re working to make all American workers, The purpose of government is to collect taxes from you to give to companies that run private armies to fight wars to keep those companies in power.regardless of race, unnecessary. But we’ve created jobs, almost as many as we’ve eliminated. Some people have three jobs. That’s fantastic. Uniquely American. Jobs are on the rise. They are going up and up, into the air, and heading out for greener pastures.

Many of you want change. Obama will bring that. A war in Pakistan, perhaps.  But McCain is for change too—changed his mind on tax cuts. He’s against the troops being in Iraq alone, wants someone to keep them company. Several companies. Let me just clear one thing up: the purpose of government is to collect taxes from you to give to companies that run private armies to fight wars to keep those companies in power.

McCain opposes the rights of stem cells and is soft on gays. He’s light in the loafers on gay marriage. On the other hand, he understands that in a Christian nation you must not tax success or coddle jobs or the  Let’s not get into that whole guilt by assassination thing. unemployed, or allow the elderly to become dependent on big government. He learns from his mistakes. In 2000 he condemned Pat Robertson, now he embraces John Hagee, who disagrees with some things he’s said in the past. That’s why he’s called a pastor.

McCain says get ready for 100 years in Iraq, 100 nuclear plants—does this guy do Costco or what!

His top adviser is Charlie Black, who was a lobbyist for Marcos, Mobuto, and Savimbi. But let’s not get into that whole guilt by assassination thing.

The GOP wants to finish the war. The Dems want to fund social services. And the war.

Obama will bring you peace and justice, except in Pakistan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Cuba, and Colombia. No universal health care, though: to do that you’d have to eliminate the health care industry, which was God’s gift to health care, or anyway to industry. And then everyone would be healthy and that would be socialism, which is boring. Nothing to struggle against. But still I imagine you find Obama a breath of fresh air. A—how do you call it—change. From the era of regime change. So you want regime change change, right?

He doesn’t want to use strong and creative interrogation of terrorists, he wants to dialogue—if not to please, Opponents of war hate the troops and want to endanger them, and that’s the President’s job. to appease. That’s why you in the appease movement like him. You wouldn’t like him if he wasn’t black, you know. Which is racist.

Opponents of war hate the troops and want to endanger them, and that’s the President’s job. But I’m confident the Dems will do the right thing and express their opposition to the war by funding it.

Obama will stand in front of flags but won’t wear one. He would bowl a lot better if he had his flag pin on.  It might even help him become bitter enough to get a gun and go to church.

He promises to stop the rise of the oceans. Anyone who’s willing to put nature in its place has something going for him.

Obama is clearly anti-Israel. Not only is his middle name Hussein, he also opposes cluster bombs, which are Semitic.

Now about Michelle—Mrs. Grievance, Mrs. Still Mad About Racism—she could influence Barry, who isn’t mad. That’s one of the great things about him is that after all they’ve suffered, he’s not half mad. And he could be, being half-suffering and half-white.  But Michelle, I like her, she gives me another chance at sexism. But you know, she helped a Mexican kid open a high school for Latinos—so she’s a segregationist, ok. It’s basically a Mexican Madrassa where they plot job-taking. And once educated, they’ll take our CEO jobs.

At the Chicago Medical Center, she gave building contracts to women and other minorities. Building secret Madrassa alcoves. Where they learn to do the terrorist fist-dap.

Michelle is “a little too authentic” (NY Times). Her anger at whites, groundless though it is, I can understand. But the terrorist fist dap—unforgiveable. We can’t have authentic terrorist dapping in the white house.

A historic failure of voter suppression

Obama, the chosen candidate of Hamas and the Weathermen, has taken the White House that slaves built. Talk about not knowing one’s place!

This could bring a host of problems to our nation. First, it threatens to bring back the Vision Thing, never a long suit among the Bushes. The President-elect thinks we should be part of the world. I’m not saying he’s a gay crackhead murderer and probable Islamic Socialist, but George Soros did engineer the economic meltdown to get him into the half-White House. If he decides to ally with Nouveau Communist leaders like Alan Greenspan, we could see a backlash, according to US law.

Obama has a lot in his plus column, though: he’s pro-nuke, pro-death penalty, wants to enlarge the army, and can’t do health care because we’re broke. To his credit, he wants to send more troops to Afghanistan, to finish the job the Soviets started. Many nations have sent armies to Afghanistan, and all have succeeded in failing. Obama, however, brings Hope. So we’ll see. “Al Qaeda is in 80 countries, so you can’t defeat them in Iraq,” says O. True that: You have to fight them all over Afghanistan.

And Hillary’s health plan—we can’t afford that. Well, you could, if you’re willing to drop the body armor for the troops, I say the troops, the troops, you know. Hillary hates the troops. Not the war of course.  Still, she did say we’ve given Iraq freedom. Technically we’ve given it to Exxon. I guess that’s the same thing.

On the personal side, having two little black girls in the White House proves to millions of their young We don’t so much give you information as get you in formation. brethren and sistren that they have achieved complete racial equality, if not a bit more. So rock on, America, we’re the best—if not only—nation. We can expect to endure a period of kinder, gentler wars, nukes, and climate change before getting back on track as the world’s benevolent dominatrix.

Meanwhile, the only question—besides where to drill—is whether the Obama administration will constitute a third Clinton term, with lots of saxophones and welfare reform, or will spiral downward into some kind of perverse experiment in diminished corporate power and increased single-payer-ness. Stay tuned to this site, where we don’t so much give you information as get you in formation.


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