Elections ’92: Prez Bush, Candidate of Change



A major factor in the election this year is Voter Discontent, or VD. Luckily, all the candidates represent change, including President Bush, who is campaigning against the policies of the present government, saying he will not raise taxes. Ross Perot is widely, grass-rootsly admired for his efficiency. While traditional politicians dither over the use of closed army bases, Perot is expected to move within his first term in office to convert them to concentration camps. Of course, his first term will last 12 years.

The Perot phenomenon continues to amaze the pundits. It appears to be a completely spontaneously orchestrated ground swell. It’s clear that people feel a need for a charismatic leader who can sum up our complex problems with simple, straightforward, understandable scapegoats. Of course he doesn’t have a platform yet—he’s still shopping. And here’s a new statistic on Perot supporters: there’s one born every minute.

Bill Clinton has been accused of shady business deals and conflicts of interest, so at least no one can fault him for lack of political experience.

Confronted with a choice between three evils, many are expected to vote for Clinton, but not inhale.


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