Interview With Big Labor On NAFTA

Q: Isn’t fast track just negotiating a way to slip legislation by without Congress having a say in it?
A: Don’t ask, don’t pursue.

Q: Won’t the agreement send our jobs to Mexico?
A: Careful or I’ll downsize ya! Look, the alternative is to have immigrants coming here and taking our jobs. That is, taking our Mexicans’ jobs. So instead, we’re going to make all Mexicans ours. Incidentally, you can get more information on this from the Internet computer conference called annex.mex.

Q: Won’t this agreement end up worsening class divisions?
A: We don’t really have those class divisions anymore. These days everyone has a full shopping cart. In fact, some people put everything they own in it.

Q: Senator Gephardt has pointed out that this country’s greatness was not built on cheap labor.
A: That shows what he knows!

Q: But why is big business lined up solidly behind NAFTA?
A: We’re all in this together. You know what they say: companies love misery.


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