News Speak 3

July 2, 1992

The State of California is issuing IOU’s, a toxic cloud is spreading fear in Minnesota, and the pro-choice and pro-life camps are gearing up for a state-to-state fight with no end in sight. But polls show 63% of Americans believe Ross Perot can fix it.

A Senate committee says 60,000 women were raped or assaulted while they were active duty soldiers. The committee has expressed shock and disgust that such violence would take place in the military.

The government of Iran is printing billions of US dollars to pay off its debt and destabilize our country, according to a panel of Republican members of the House. The committee denounced the activity as international terrorism, and added that Iranians may have gotten the idea from a similar campaign the US is currently leading against the government of Iraq. The committee has not ruled out a suit for copyright infringement, but the law on counterfeit counterfeiting is murky.

The real significance of the situation is a possible Dollar War between the two countries, and voters are not inclined to change Presidents in the middle of a war. One more note: The Iranians are using expertise obtained from the United States during the regime of the Shah, and US trade policy explicitly states that after a US-supported regime is overthrown, all previously supplied expertise is to be forgotten.

In Missouri, a woman is on trial for killing her two children while taking the sleeping pill Halcion. The case is not expected to affect President Bush’s use of the pills, as he has only been charged with killing other people’s children.

The House has voted to kill funding for Vice President Quayle’s Council on Competitiveness. Democrats say Quayle has sought a monopoly on competitiveness.


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