“Palestine.” Again.

In the disputed territories, the dispute of course is over whether they really belong to Israel or whether Israel is just occupying them until they do belong to them.

See, if the Syrians would get Hezbollah to stop having an army, and if Iran would get Gaza to stop pretending to have one, Israel is the only democratic colonizing country in the region. and Saddam—I mean Osama—would get—no, if Gaza would get the West Bank to stop, then we would get Israel to give back 78% of the 12% of the West Bank—they must of course keep the water, mountains and fields, for security.

Israel as you may know is the only democratic colonizing country in the region. The Palestinians haven’t recognized Israel—nor vice versa, for that matter. But how can you have peace negotiations when one side is terrorist? Not to mention Hamas. Listen, everyone has a right to their gated communities.

Israel knows exactly what it’s doing. They went into Lebanon in ’82 and created something lasting: Hezbollah.

We gave the Palestinians—well, not them, but Israel, which is right next door, or over them, or around them—anyway, we gave them  $135 billion since 1948, and still there’s no peace. What went wrong?

The central question in peacifying the Meddle East is the Palestinian refugee question: can they come back, should they be paid off? Now how did that get to be the central question? By the fact that the Palestinians, not having been sure whether or not they existed, left. Now they’ve decided they exist, and they want to come back. And have a state. They want to have their state and eat it too.  Plus, a state without Israeli settlements. Well, they never understood what the settle meant, which is this: Israel is just minding their own business in, you know, someone’s country. And these Christian Peacemaker Teams over there, they’re not helping. Their motto is “get in the way.” That’s not necessary. The Palestinians are already in the way. I say, let their people go—away.


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