Post-Election Debriefing

February 1, 1993

George is gone. And now we have the ultra-left in power. You just don’t know if you can trust Clinton. With George, you knew.

I don’t know if the Democrats believe in the American dream. Every American has a shot at it, and George Bush had several. Now it’s true, the dream is trickling down. The economy is in transition. And to his credit, Bill hasn’t tried to turn it around on a dime. He knows we haven’t got that. But we’ve got a strong export sector. Jobs, for instance. We do wish Bill well in moving us out of this recession and forward to the next one.

I’m opposed to gays in the military, especially if they’re out as well as in. But I’m not against gays in general. We have some in the Republican party. Phyllis Schlafly’s son John, and also Bob Mosbacher’s daughter Dee. Both are of the avowed persuasion. Now, maybe I’m missing something here, but I think somebody ought to introduce these two young people. They have so much in common.


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